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In order to provide the best products for our clients, we had to find a way to do things in a unique and competitive way. The answer lies in technology. We discovered that with use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) we acquired tools that not only meet the demands for speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness, but also allows us to set free our imagination and create very simple yet strong Ideas.

CGI means Freedom - there are no boundaries. You begin in an empty three-dimensional space and it is up to you to get the most of it. You are in control of everything.

It is this “playing God” we love so much and that allows us to come up with ideas, which would be simply too expensive, complicated or impossible to produce.

To use the CGI tools to its best, we had to combine two seemingly different skills – idea-making and CGI skills. Only those who master the skill of computer generated imagery can create the best ideas and produce advertising that is simply amazing. This combination of skills is very rare and we are happy to employ individuals who are gifted in this respect. Please feel free to explore a few examples of this CGI Ideas in our gallery.

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LIMA CHARLIE advertising was founded in 2010 as a reflection of a dream to create an agency which would bring to life the most unique, simply-amazing ideas and using CGI tools to create them.

Our staff is responsible for creating CGI advertising in some of the biggest ad agencies in Bratislava. At first there was skepticism – will this kind of advertising be positively received by clients? But the consumers are proof that it could work and after a while advertising created entirely in 3D got the recognition it deserved from the industry.

The amount of freedom, which CGI provides, was so nourishing for Ideas that traditional ways became a burden.

Advantages of CGI advertising

There are many benefits besides freedom for ideas.


With CGI it is possible to create stunning imagery in literally a couple of hours. It meets high industry standards. In full high resolution and ready for print production and proves to come very handy in the fast moving world of today.


As long as we are in control of every element of production, corrections and changes are really easy to do. The source files can be recalled anytime, so making new versions or installments is child’s play.


In CGI, there are no photographers, no props, no lights, no studios or natural disasters. It’s only man hours and digital resources. Accordingly, in combination with speed and flexibility this type of production is very cost efficient.


There are tons of unexplored approaches in 3D. It is the best way to differentiate you from others, get a unique and fresh appearance which, in the end, creates the brand itself.

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